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Build a legacy that future generations will live to tell about

Build a legacy that future generations will live to tell about


The Epic Battle For The Most Fatherless Generation

The Newest Book From Kris Vallotton

Where have

Where have

All the fathers gone?


Can you imagine a world where every family had a present father? The impact would reach beyond the hearts of their homes; It would ripple into a generation desperate for a sense of belonging.

Maybe you didn’t grow up with a present father and have felt the effects of this into your adulthood. When a dad isn’t present, whether physically or emotionally, the pain resonates deep within us. The truth is that fathers shape us; they affect the way we see ourselves, others, and Father God.

We live in the most fatherless generation in history – 25 million children in America alone live without their biological father in the home. Whether you grew up with a present father or never knew your dad, you are living within the consequences of a fatherless generation; the ripple effects of fatherlessness have echoed far beyond families and into culture. The percentage of children that become high school dropouts, are incarcerated, or develop behavior disorders triples in a fatherless home. Even with the hard facts in front of us, our society is trying to normalize brokenness that’s so deep it defies logical explanation.

The truth is that it’s so easy to be critical of something you don’t have to participate in. Yet owning the problem is half the solution. You were created for a distinct purpose within family. No matter your upbringing, home dynamic, or relational status, family is written on the heart of your DNA. It is time to heal the wounds of fatherlessness, for children and fathers to re-engage in the places they’ve disconnected, and for families to become a center point for cultural change. I wrote Uprising: The Epic Battle For The Most Fatherless Generation to inspire a generation to live in the fullness of God’s heart for healthy families, for men to be equipped in their noble calling, and for the hearts of fathers to return to their families. When this happens, we will begin to see the world change before our eyes.

Don’t be tossed by the waves of society’s standards for family.

Homes without a father have become a cultural norm for many people, but no matter your family’s story, you were created to be a Kingdom catalyst of family on the earth — a bridge builder for reconciliation and restoration, not bound by the cycles of dysfunction. Cultural change starts with your own restoration story.

What you’ll learn in this book:

What you’ll learn in this book:

How to Live a life of legacy

Learn how to live a life that will resound through the generations.

How to Experience God’s ability to heal

Allow God to heal the places of your heart that have been hurt by your earthly father.

How to Become a victorious force of God-intended family

Break the orphan spirit with strategies and solutions for living in your true identity

How to Become a bridge-builder of reconciliation

Gain hope and vision for the restoration of a fatherless generation and become a reconciler between fathers and their families.

A Note from Kris Vallotton

​​In some ways, I have been preparing to write this book for most of my life. My father drowned when I was three years old, and I have spent much of my life longing for him. The truth is, I never really understood what I was longing for until our first child, Jaime, turned four years old. I will never forget that moment. I was pushing her down a hill on her tricycle and we both were laughing wildly. Suddenly, this thought came to my mind: My daddy was gone by this time in my life. There was no laughter in my life at four years old; only loneliness and confusion.

Every day since that tricycle ride has been a continued revelation of my life, absent of fatherhood. I am 66 years old at the writing of this book, and I can’t remember a day where I didn’t miss my dad. We live in the most fatherless generation in the history of the world. For me, this statement isn’t just a commentary on society; it’s personal . . . painfully personal! My personal journey with fatherlessness birthed a heart cry to see a generation of men living in the fullness of their identity. This monumental book is not only a list of the staggering statistics of fatherlessness, but rather a call to a generation to restore the standard of family—when men become noble fathers and thus shatter the iron bars of the orphan spirit. They rescue society from the jaws of a self-absorbed, self-centered, narcissistic environments, and trailblaze new mindsets for those who are wanting, willing, humble, and hopeful.

“This might be the most important book of the decade.

Our true Father is yearning to heal fatherlessness in our world. Let’s agree with His plan!”
– John Eldredge –
Bestselling author, Wild at Heart

“Kris Vallotton fearlessly addresses the plight of fatherlessness through a hope-filled lens of generational reconciliation.

This book will leave you equipped and empowered to pursue the Malachi Mandate and join the fight that will impact the here and now while also creating a long-lasting legacy of families with Christ at the center.”

– Dante Bowe –
Worship leader, and songwriter; Grammy nominee and Dove Award winner

“Kris Vallotton calls out fatherlessness as the scourge of our time in this excellent book.

He doesn’t just identify the problem—he gives real solutions. When I was a police officer in Los Angeles, I saw firsthand the devastation of an entire culture when fathers abandon their role of raising their children. I couldn’t agree more with Kris as he calls men back to our mandate of raising the next generation to love and obey God.”

– Ken Harrison –
Chairman, Promise Keepers

“Uprising” is not just another book but a message needed for a generation that cuts to the heart and calls us to action.

With clarity and conviction, Kris reveals the heart of God for this hour while prophetically and practically inviting us to be a part of His purpose. It is time for fathers to rise up with a passion for sons and daughters. This book will awaken you to God’s plan for His children.”

– Banning Liebscher –
Jesus Culture Founder and Pastor